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Overview of University of Limerick (UL)

The University of Limerick is situated 5km outside of Limerick city-centre. The college has 11,500 students, and with 1,000 of these international students, it is a truly multi-cultural campus.  Famous alumni include Pat Cox, former president of the European Parliament, Jean Butler, choreographer and dancer of Riverdance fame, former Irish Rugby coach Eddie O’Sullivan and the GAA commentator and former Kerry football player Pat Spillane. The beautiful River Shannon flows right through the ...Read More

What the students say

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3rd year Currently in college
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For years, I had planned on doing Law and Accounting in UL. I had picked all my Leaving Cert subjects to suit this choice but then in 6th year I did a student exchange to Germany. It changed my perspective. I realised that there was so much more to life than balance sheets when I returned to my home school there were leaflets for us advertising new courses in UL and the middle one was Journalism & New Media. I immediately wanted to do it. I loved writing and travelling. And, I was also a very outgoing person, I thought that the course would suit my personality.
3rd year
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I went through a few stages when deciding to do engineering. I knew I enjoyed maths and science subjects in secondary school. From there I looked at my own personal traits and I said I am quite analytical and that works well with my problem solving skills. Then it seemed obvious that I choose an engineering course. Then of course, I had to choose what type of engineering I would study. I chose mechanical engineering rather than the other types of engineering because I found it was the basis of all the other engineering courses and that if I chose to branch out into say for example aeronautical or biomedical I could do so from mechanical. This was a great thing for me because after leaving certificate, I couldn't tell you what form of engineering I would like to work in. To be honest I am two years in and I am still unsure but thats the great thing about engineering that it is so broad that I don't need to choose at the moment and that for me is a very big selling point for engineering.
2nd year
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