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University of Limerick (UL) Social Life

UL has a great social scene. There’s a very laid-back atmosphere on campus, with most people relaxed and dressing casually during the day. The Stables is the main college bar, with pool tables, live music and plenty drinks promotions to keep thirsty students happy. There are no nightclubs on campus but the nearby Kilmurry Lodge Hotel is home to the infamous Lodge nightclub. Often described as ‘a bit of a zoo’, there’s something (and someone!) for everybody here. Students are spoiled for choice when it comes to nightclubs and bars in the city centre. Angel Lane, Icon and Costellos are among the most popular clubs during the week. For live music, make a beeline for Dolans warehouse, where most touring artists who come to Limerick play in (great pub food here too!)

Like most Universities, there’s a strong tradition of throwing formal balls for any reason. Among the biggest and most popular are the Clubs & Socs Ball and Science Ball, However, the jewel in the crown of UL’s party scene is Charity week. With lectures all but coming to a standstill for the week, the campus plays host to a week-long party, all in the name of charity. Massive parties, gigs, competitions, etc. spring up all over campus, and go on long into the night. Not to be missed!

What the students say

I went through a few stages when deciding to do engineering. I knew I enjoyed maths and science subjects in secondary school. From there I looked at my own personal traits and I said I am quite analytical and that works well with my problem solving skills. Then it seemed obvious that I choose an engineering course. Then of course, I had to choose what type of engineering I would study. I chose mechanical engineering rather than the other types of engineering because I found it was the basis of all the other engineering courses and that if I chose to branch out into say for example aeronautical or biomedical I could do so from mechanical. This was a great thing for me because after leaving certificate, I couldn't tell you what form of engineering I would like to work in. To be honest I am two years in and I am still unsure but thats the great thing about engineering that it is so broad that I don't need to choose at the moment and that for me is a very big selling point for engineering.
2nd year
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Honestly, I was never really sure what I wanted. I knew I was interested in computers and how they work, but I wasnt sure which course would suffice my interests. I inspected various courses online however information was always very vague. Eventually I came across Computer Engineering at UL which had more hands on information regarding the course. Unfortunately they never quite mentioned the part with all the maths!
1st year
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Friendly and interesting people
3rd year Currently in college
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