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Overview of Trinity College Dublin

Home to 16,000 students and over 400 years of history, Trinity is Ireland’s oldest university. With a diverse range of national and international students and boasting such famous alumni as Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and Mary McAleese, Trinity is an ideal setting for students to follow the footsteps of some of Ireland’s most influential figures. Location Trinity is located at the heart of Dublin City, protected from the manic city centre streets by its ancient walls. Coming from the hustl ...Read More

What the students say

I probably wouldn't especially as they reorganised first year engineering to have far too much of a particularly poor lecturer.
4th year Currently in college
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It's a college steeped in history and tradition, located in the heart of Dublin, but when you're on campus, you're in a separate world to the outside. It's not posh, or snobbish, it has a beautiful campus and the academic staff are usually welcoming and friendly. It's size and self contained nature makes you really get the college experience, but it's not so large that you're always lost amongst the crowd. I can already tell that friends for life are being made here, and it only takes a few strolls along the blossom lined pathways in the spring, to tell you that it's a real privilege to attend Trinity College Dublin.
1st year Currently in college
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I chose my course because I have always been really interested in drama, and have been performing from a young age. I went to see some plays in Dublin when I was a kid and as I reached Transition year I began to look more for colleges that provided theatre-based courses but with a heavy emphasis on the academic side, too. I have always been a lover of English and the study of plays so I would not have been happy in a strictly performing arts course. I attended the Trinity College Open Day and talked to students to try to make up my mind. It seemed like the perfect course for me, with the right balance of academia and practical with lots of choice as the third year of studying comes along. I gave it my CAO Number 1 and now here I am!
2nd year Current
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