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Overview of Trinity College Dublin

Home to 16,000 students and over 400 years of history, Trinity is Ireland’s oldest university. With a diverse range of national and international students and boasting such famous alumni as Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and Mary McAleese, Trinity is an ideal setting for students to follow the footsteps of some of Ireland’s most influential figures. Location Trinity is located at the heart of Dublin City, protected from the manic city centre streets by its ancient walls. Coming from the hustl ...Read More

What the students say

If you like theory and dont feel that practical education could benefit you in any way, then this is the college for you.
4th year Currently in college
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Studying English is the only alternative, which has seemed attractive to me having discussed different friends courses with them. I love writing but I considered this when I first chose BESS and my reasons for not doing it haven’t changed. BESS offers a broad grounding in a variety of what I consider to be highly practical and valuable disciplines. Although I struggled badly with the Maths & Stats and Economics aspects of the course to begin with, I could still appreciate why I needed to learn about them. Now I am majoring in Business and Politics, both of which I not only find useful, but also truly enjoy. The business concepts I study are presented in a way that makes them applicable to any work environment. I think I will draw on what I have learnt whether I end up being my own boss or indeed working in a large organisation. And politics is something I am passionate about. The subject choices after second year allow you to design your own degree, enabling you to play to your strengths and take the subjects, which most interest you. Although the degree seems to have something of a ‘blonde’ reputation within Trinity and furthermore the vast reduction in the employment market, I am still confident the degree presents an attractive qualification to potential employers. And even if I decide not to go down the applying for traditional jobs route, I still feel BESS will have given me an education I enjoyed, which challenged me and which I can use in a manner of ways once I graduate.
3rd year Currently in college
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I find that the College in general is extraordinarily disorganised and have come to realise that TCD is a pretty GRIM place to be in 2011!
2nd year Currently in college
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