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Ms Susan Power
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What the students say

It was the right course because I love the work and the job I do. It is a terribly run course and the students are treated terribly sometimes. We suffered bullying and were terribly unhappy because of it on a daily basis. Very hard course and very hard work but I love the job.
2nd year Currently in college
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Although I am happy with my choice I don't like the university. I am happy because I know I will achieve all my life goals with the help of this course. I am not satisfied because the quality of teaching is at times extremely poor. Furthermore extra dental instrument fees were imposed upon us (of £2,500) without enough warning in the second year. The dental library facilities frequently close early at short notice. Extreme shortage of computers in dental library (which are essential for electronic patient management). Frequent lack of teaching resources due to lack of funding. Lack of nursing help during clinical time when treating patients. Lack of help in patient management (which includes sending appointments to all patients, ringing all patients, securing new patients after patient cancellations which are often last minute). Probably the biggest let down in the course is that no student has achieved a 1st class hons at graduation in at least the previous 4 years despite (1st hand account) being extremely intelligent, committed and literally living in the dental hospital from 9am-9pm 5 days a week for 4th-5th year.
3rd year Currently in college
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Most courses other than my own seem to be very good, and it is a lovely place to study.
4th year Currently in college
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