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What the students say

The pros of my course are the high quality of learning, the reputation of the faculty and instructors, and the attempt to create a sense of community in a large school (through seminar group work, tutor/tutee relationship, partner projects) - The cons are the high emphasis placed on examinations (100% for most classes). This demonstrates a lack of ambition on the schools part, by choosing to merely assess students once in a two semester period. Further, though the school operates on a semester schedule, all examinations take place at the end of the year, placing a high burden on the student in terms of organization and memorization.
2nd year Currently in college
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I am really enjoying the course. It is challenging enough to a point i strive at but manageable at the same time
1st year Currently in college
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I chose to do Law because I wanted a challenge. I wanted to do a course where I could leave my options open, and know that I could enter several fields upon graduation. I suppose when I decided to do Law, I understood that it would be an intellectual challenge like nothing I faced before, and I was right. But the intellectual stimulation was one of the reasons I chose the course in the first place. I looked at what skills and what interests I had as a person and whether Law would suit me. I was good at English and History in school and I felt that a good grasp of the English language and a good knowledge of past events would help me greatly in the study of Law. My cousin?s who, also, decided to do Law in other universities also influenced me. It's a course that you can't really know that you're suited to it until you begin, but I did feel that my relations also influenced my choice of course. Lastly, I wanted to know that I have a reasonable opportunity of employment when I finish college, and I know that Law graduates are finding it hard to get employment, but I knew that if I work hard enough, there could be a job for me at the end of the course.
4th year Current
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