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Trinity College Dublin,
College Green,
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 (1) 8961000
Fax: +353 (1) 8722853

What the students say

It doesn't come much better than Trinity College in Ireland when it comes to reputation and quality of education. The campus is fantastic, the courses are brilliant, and the lecturers are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in their subject area. It is a fantastic place to go to college, steeped in history and culture. You are immediately aware of that fact the moment you walk through Front Arch and look upon the fantastic architecture in Front Square. In a nutshell, being in Trinity feels like being in a town within a city. Once you come off the Dublin streets and walk into the campus, you feel like you are in a proper university town, reminiscent of Oxford or Cambridge in England. It has excellent on campus facilities, and the campus overall doesn't feel too big not to be homely or comfortable. There are various places to eat on campus, various sporting facilities and one of the best libraries in Europe. Trinity is an internationally reknowned university and provides you with a real challenge in your academic life by the difficulty of its courses. However, it has a really high standard of student and you meet some fantastic minds, who will influence you in ways you did not think possible. You meet people from all walks of life in Trinity with a common purpose, a goal to succeed academically. There are not many other places in Ireland I can think of where you truly feel goosebumps everytime you walk into the place, but Trinity is one of those places. If you want a real challenge in life, but a worthwhile one, I would recommend Trinity to you. I have matured as a student and as a person since I came to Trinity and I grateful to say that I am a student of such a well-respected and successful institution.
3rd year Currently in college
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Right course, very stimulating, I find it interesting and I want to learn more from it, good teaching and practical application sessions rather than learning absolutely everything from a book.
1st year Currently in college
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Not as easy as I thought it was. Requires a lot of individual study time.
2nd year Currently in college
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