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Fresher’s Week in Trinity is a big event. Front Square is packed with every society flogging itself to recruit Freshers all day and there are events up to the rafters with Ents running something new and ridiculously themed every night. Each society contributes another level of crazy to this week, especially the bigger societies like Dubes (Dublin University Business Economics Society) The Phil (a debating society) and Players (the drama society). They are all competing to run the best night out so you will be spoiled for choice on where to go and laden down with free goodie bags.

This madness kicks off a year of similar colourful buzz. Players (the drama society) shows 2 plays a week and runs one event each week and throws a Christmas Ball – the theatre itself is a general hub of dramatic fun and has a mysteriously never-ending energy supply. The Phil covers debates and some incredible guest speakers like Stephen Fry, actor Al Pacino, actress Dame Helen Mirren, writer Sir Salman Rushdie and Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. DUBES organises events like the BESS Ball, one of the key events of the year. Tuxes, champagne, a video that surfaces on the internet months later, the works.

The most important event of the Trinity Year is of course, the Trinity Ball – the biggest private party in Europe. Acts last year included Jessie J, The Streets, Bell X1 and The Rubberbandits. Campus is lit-up and converted to a mini-festival with four stages and students are dressed in their finest threads.

For those looking other aspects of societies, there is a multitude of options. There are two Newspapers that the students run; The University Times and The Trinity News. There are also multiple magazines, a radio station, the debating teams and countless other societies to get involved with.

The main spots to go to will depend on what kind of a vibe you’re looking for – Indie / Hipster spots like Crawdaddy and Twisted Pepper, ‘boppy’ clubs like The Palace or NV and then of course, the cheesy tunes can be found at Coppers. There are always new places opening in town and Ents are pretty much on the ball and have regular events that will send you in the right direction!

The main social scene is on Trinity Campus itself. Students generally find that gaps between lectures are not too problematic. As one student says “grab a coffee, find a few friends, sit down by the Cricket Pitch and soak it all up.”

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