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Overview of Institute of Technology Sligo

  Originally set up in 1970, IT Sligo has grown to have a student body of over 5800. IT Sligo, like many of the other ITs, prides itself on the level of practical experience students get in their course. Nearly all courses give students the chance to get hands on in practicals, work placements and lab work. The IT has 3 schools; Business and Humanities, Engineering, and Science. Located centrally in Sligo, the IT is comprised of mostly modern architecture, with only the wing of the former R ...Read More

What the students say

That its in my hometown.
2nd year
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IT Sligo has some promise with a modern library with state of the art equipment, my course turned out to be crappy but that doesn't mean others are not, I have friends in other courses who love what they're doing. You have an amazing nightlife with Rag Week genuinely being the best in the country,such great value for nights out with local nightclubs booking international djs and acts to perform.You have a beautiful beach 10 minutes away with amazing waves for surfing and a calmer one for kayaking. Cafeteria offers no value what so ever with the level of food being poor. Lecturer's especially in the Business & Humanities dept, the majority of them are decent with a handful being amazing people who will help you with whatever you need and are always so friendly. The people you will meet & the memories made will make up for things you find wrong with the college and course. Access to Sligo is poor if you are not coming from galway or Donegal etc If you are coming from the South it can be a 4-5 hour drive, from dublin the train is 2 and a half hours. I came from the south east so used to fly ti Galway in 25 minutes for 30 euro each way and then its only a 1 and a half hour trip to Sligo with a friend from there versus a 4-5 hour drive that costs the same in petrol! Finally: GET IN EARLY IN THE MORNING FOR A PARKING SPACE or you will have a long walk ahead of you :)
3rd year Currently in college
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Its great!! everyone is really friendly and the night life is just amazing!!
2nd year Currently in college
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