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Most student media reaches the students via facebook and twitter. The SU print a student handbook at the start of year. There are usually around 2 publications per year as well but the SU are hoping to increase frequency this year to possibly a monthly print. The 2 big weeks in the social calendar are Fresher’s week and Rag week. A lot of organisation goes into both these weeks to make them packed to the brim with things to do. Previous years have seen comedians, bungee jumping, fire walking, and race days all in aid of a notable charity.

With no bar on campus, the canteen is the main focal area for students in the college. At night there are a couple of places to choose from in the town. Sligo is big enough to provide some variety but still small enough that you’ll never lose someone for most of the night. There is a very tight knit community amongst the college with a relaxed friendly vibe. The most popular clubs are Envy and Toff’s. The Clarence was popular but interest has dwindled in recent years.
New this year, the Velvet rooms which was primarily a more upmarket club has opened its doors to student events, especially during fresher’s week and rag week. The staple pubs for IT Sligo students have to be the Brewery bar which is a small jump away from the college, or the Leitrim bar, located in the town.
For non-alcoholic events there are many things organised and it’s easy to organise one yourself. Just get in touch with the Ents officer. There are over 30 sports clubs and 30 societies available for students to suit everyone’s taste. These range from hurling and sub aqua, to music and environmental. The biggest regret of many students is not getting involved enough in societies, so be sure to plunge headfirst into it!