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University College Dublin (UCD) Accommodation

There are five accommodation blocks on the UCD campus – Belgrove, Merville, Glenomena, Roebuck Hall and Roebuck Castle. There are over 2600 beds available but because UCD has such a massive student population, the waiting lists get quite big very quickly, so you should try to get your name down if you’re interested as soon as you can. Only 800 places are allocated for students who are starting first year in UCD so it is important to apply as early as possible.

Over the years, the different student blocks have developed a friendly rivalry between one another over anything from who throws the best parties to which block has the best GPA. Each block houses students from a mix of subjects, years, and genders.

Apartments are supplied with a duvet and pillow but most students bring their own, and there’s an oven/fridge/microwave but no cutlery or plates etc. There are bike racks and storage spaces in each of the buildings.

Despite the petty squabbling student life in each of the blocks is pretty similar, but here are some of the differences…


The Merville Residences tend to be mostly first and second year students. The apartments have either 4 or 5 bedrooms, all en suite. Students share the communal kitchen/living room. It costs around €5000 for the year and is close to the Owenstown Park entrance. It takes just over 10 minutes to walk to the lake at the centre of campus from here, and there’s a Centra at Merville’s entrance where students can get hot and cold food, basic supplies and alcohol (beer/wine only). It’s sometimes known to be the block with the best parties, but let’s not start any arguments.


Belgrove Residences also tend to be mostly first and second year students. The building and atmosphere is pretty similar to Merville, but more Arts students lean towards Belgrove because it’s closer to the Arts block – it’s only a 5 minute walk. It costs around €5000 for the year and is near to the Clonskeagh entrance.


The Glenomena building is bigger than the others and tends to be more third year and post-graduate students, so the people here seem more focused but are by no means dull. Walking from here to the lake will take a good 10 minutes. It costs around €6000 per year and the closest entrance is Foster’s Avenue.

Roebuck Hall

Roebuck is one of the newer and bigger accommodation buildings, 6 storeys high and 6 bedrooms per apartment, all en suite. At around €6000 it’s one of the more expensive options, but if you prefer the modern feel it’s definitely nicer than Belgrove and Merville. Walking to the lake at the centre of campus will take just over 10 minutes.

Roebuck Castle (Catered)

This is the first block to get the catering service in UCD. At around €8000 it’s very expensive but students who can’t, don’t or won’t cook find it suits them brilliantly – the food is good and two meals a day are provided. The apartments each have 12 bedrooms, all en-suite, and there is a communal dining hall. Meal times are fixed (Mon-Fri 7.45-9.30am and 5.15-7pm; Saturday brunch 10.30am-1pm; Sunday lunch 12.15-2pm) which some students find difficult to manage, as it means spending more money on food elsewhere. This can be avoided if you give notice that you’ll be missing a meal in advance, as the staff will prepare a packed box.

If you don’t get in…

Clonskeagh is very popular with students as it is so close to UCD, with only a 10-20 minute walk to campus depending on the exact location. Donnybrook is also popular as it is on the main bus route that goes to UCD. Living in the city centre cuts out the need to get a taxi home at night which helps with expenses, but it also means getting a bus to college in the mornings. Pick your battle.