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The Sports facilities in UCD cater for all students with over 50 Sports clubs and activities taking place all year round. The Sports Expo happens at the start of term in September in the Sports Centre. All of the stands from the different sports clubs are there so it’s a great way to find out what’s available.

In terms of facilities, UCD’s outdoor facilities are fantastic and include seven 5-a-side synthetic pitches plus an 11-a-side synthetic pitch. It has a sand-based hockey pitch, tennis courts, rugby pitches, GAA pitches, and an athletic track. Indoor facilities include a climbing wall, two multi-purpose sports halls, squash courts, racquet/handball alley and a fitness centre. A brand new 50metre swimming pool and sports centre is currently being built so the facilities are only going to get even better.

The gym can be a bit grungy but has all of the equipment regular gym-goers need and costs around €165 for 9 months. Unfortunately everyone loves to use the facilities around the same time and peak times like the evenings can be a bit manic because the gym gets quite crowded and you might have to wait to use some of the equipment. The gym caters for all whether you’re gym nut or a newbie as there are plenty of organised classes as well as free weights. Classes include body-pump, spinning, combat, power-step and others, and they’re run for free which is seriously good. All you to have to do to join a class is sign up about 20minutes beforehand just to make sure you get a place.

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