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In all DCU campus residences, the apartments are self-catering and the accommodation is available for moving in to from the Sunday prior to Orientation Week. It is also worth noting that there are no TVs provided in any of the campus accommodation and parking is limited so it is important to apply in time.


In DCU if you are a first year you will most likely be living in Larkfield which is for first year students only. This means you get to know loads of first years from many different courses. Living on campus also means that you are more likely to go to campus activities and to take part in clubs and societies. The campus accommodation has the extra benefit of being under the charge of security which if it is your first time living away from home can add to your sense of security. Also, the location of the Larkfield apartments is very central on campus and is less than 5 minutes distance from most lecture halls.
One student said that they would only recommend Larkfield to people who aren't shy as the place can be a bit wild while another said that they wouldn't recommend Larkfield as the rooms are very small and the apartments are very old as well. On the other hand however, other students are much more complimentary and believe that Larkfield really lives up to its fun-filled reputation saying that, “LARKFIELD is unreal... its small and all the rest but it does the job grand and it's just mental craic, there's always a party going on somewhere, but at the same time you can just stay in with a big group of friends and get pizza or something like you'll never be lonely.”

Each unit comes with two single bedrooms and a shared shower room and kitchenette. Each bedroom has a study desk and internet access.

The annual rent for a bedroom within Larkfield apartments is €4,048 payable in 2 instalments of €2,137 and €1,912. The first instalment is payable in August and the second the following January.

Most first years live in Larkfield but some stay in Hampstead where the apartments are said to be similar but a bit nicer. One particularly shy reviewer said that Hampstead worked better for her as you live with four other people instead of one and that made it easier to make friends.

Each apartment has five bedrooms (each bedroom with a private bathroom) and a shared living/kitchen/dining area. Every apartment comprises of four single ensuite rooms and one superior ensuite room and each bedroom has a study area and internet access. Cablelink and a telephone (incoming calls only) are provided in the living area of the apartment.

The annual rent for the single room in Hampstead Apartments is €4,165, payable in two instalments of €2,198 and €1,967. The annual rent for the superior room is €4,234 payable in two instalments of €2,234 and €1,999. The first instalment is payable in August and the second the following January.

If you don’t get into halls..

The Pappins' Road area and Wadelai estates are said to have some nice houses for cheap rent, and are very convenient. Albert College Park estate is nice also. If not on campus, any house on Collins Avenue would be good and Whitehall is not too far, especially if you have a bike.

Shanowen is student accommodation that is only a 5 minute walk from campus. The apartments in Shanowen are bigger than on campus and are available at around the same price and are said to be modern and quite nice.

There is security at night which is important and parking is available for a small charge. There is also a Spar at the entrance which has decent opening hours and so is handy for picking up a few bits and pieces. There are a lot of Erasmus students staying here as well as typical students so the place is said to have a good mix. Negatively however - for some at least , Shanowen is often home to parties.

Gateway in Ballymun is also an option and a little bit cheaper than campus or Shanowen.

Places to avoid
Possibly Gateway. Some students who have lived there have said that they haven't had the best experience with the place, citing issues with safety. It is quite far away and supposedly away from the craic on campus. Drumcondra is nice if you drive, but it's a long walk and buses could be more frequent according to one student.

The main thing if not staying on campus is to find somewhere within close walking distance or at least serviced by a bus route as some areas that seem close by, are in fact very far away when a lack of direct public transport to DCU is taken into account.