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Dublin City University (DCU) Social Life

The Hub is where you will find the Student Union, and more importantly, the student bar. With cheap drinks during the week, and an array of student-orientated events, the student bar is a home from home for many DCU students but be careful what happens in “The Hub” doesn’t always stay in “The Hub”.

Students are a bit limited in terms of choice of location for lunch but the main canteen is decent. There is a Spar available to students, which runs out of hot chicken fillets like clockwork at 3pm every day, but besides that it is a dependable student option. The library canteen is quite expensive and it is worth walking out of the library to avoid the high prices. There is also the Nursing building canteen, which, despite the abundance of attractive young women, is not visited much by any non-nursing students. Finally, the Helix has a small shop, which is good for a coffee or just a change of scenery.

DCU student’s better nights are often spent in the student bar where many of various events organised by the SU or the societies take place. Nights here can include three euro drinks, special guest comedians, hypnotists, table quizzes, karaoke and live bands, you name it they’ve done it. Many of the friends you make in DCU will be made here as the community buzz makes it a great place for banter and meeting new people. Fresher’s week and Rag week are definitely the two most eventful times of the year in a social sense. Although admittedly RAG week doesn’t quite reach the levels of ridiculousness that Galway and Limerick are infamous for.

In terms of night life DCU students fit broadly into two groups – the younger group who search for the cheapest nights out closest to campus and are often seen in the Big Tree and Quinns in Drumcondra and the slightly older crowd – who usually venture the extra distance into town when going out, usually ending up in Diceys, the Palace or Coppers. One slight fall back to the social life in DCU is that the nightlife is very different and arguably a lot better for students living on campus or in student accommodation near the university.

A great way to take part in student life, particularly if you don’t live in nearby student accommodation is to join clubs and societies during the second week. Lots of students join clubs or societies that they don’t end up taking part in, so take your time choosing the right one or two. It also helps to join up with a mate. Many clubs and societies plan great weekend trips, nights out and mystery tours abroad so it is worthwhile getting involved. Sometimes it can come down to simply making the effort in order to get the most out of DCU’s social life as a big part of the social life in the college centres around the societies.

The College View is the name of the student newspaper and is run by the Journalism Society and another online publication is produced by the Student’s Union.

UANEEN is an extra-curricular award open to all students. More and more faculties are now allowing academic credits to be awarded for taking part in extra-curricular activities associated with this programme, which really can be anything, such as taking part in charity trips to creating a short film. It is worth finding more about how your faculty treats the program when you come to DCU.