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Dublin City University (DCU) Sports

DCU has a great reputation in terms of sports and the facilities on campus certainly reflect this; the astro pitches, swimming pool, basketball courts and gym are all on campus and are top class. The gym on campus is equipped to a high standard but is not free and costs €195 per academic year and then a €5 fee must be paid to take part in the variety of classes available. Information about taking part in these extra-curricular activities is all provided in student orientation week and anyone deciding to attend DCU should try to make the best of this opportunity.

It has been said that DCU is more of a GAA college and that there is a lot less emphasis on the rugby team and some of the other sports clubs. As a result anyone starting in DCU should check out where the various sports teams train before deciding what sport to play as the facilities are better for some sports then others. For example some of the sports teams have to train off-campus.