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Bar Management

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Year of Study 2nd
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Student Type Traditional
From Roscommon Ireland
Social Life

Why did you choose your course?

I thought it would be a course with good job prospects, I'm also interested in travelling and I was told it is a very good course to travel with.

Are you happy with your choice of course?


On reflection, what made it the right or wrong choice for you?

I had a genuine interest in the subjects i was being thought. I really enjoy the practical side to my course.

How many hours of organised classes do you have per week? (labs,tutorials,lectures,etc)


Are your lectures/labs mainly based on or off the main campus?


If off campus, does this affect you and how?

Its all on campus.

Is your course weighted more on

Continuous assessment

Is there an option to study abroad on your course?


If you studied abroad, is there any advice you would give someone looking to study abroad?

I haven't studied abroad yet, but hopefully I will be next year.

What are your favourite aspects of your course?

I really enjoy the practical side, and being behind the bar in the college or in the restaurant in the college.

What are your least favourite aspects of your course?

There isn't really anything I dislike, if I had to say something it would be the maths side of the course, iv just never really liked maths.

Was your course what you expected?


What do you wish you had known before choosing this course?

I knew exactly what was going to be expected of me in this course.


Lots of study space, good environment, huge selection.

Is there a good social life on your course?


Please describe

Yes, we have arranged many class parties, they have all been good fun.

Rate your course in terms of difficulty


Please rate your course in terms of workload

Less than other courses

Are you an active member of any societies?


Are you a member of any sports clubs?


How much do you spend on living every week (going out, food, transport etc.), excluding rent and bills?


Do you or have you lived away from home during college?


How much does your rent cost per month?


As a first year did you live in college halls?


How would you recommend this college to a friend?

Good atmosphere, a nice place to be.

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