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Year of Study 5th
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From Galway Ireland
Social Life

Why did you choose your course?

To become a famous movie director!!

Are you happy with your choice of course?


On reflection, what made it the right or wrong choice for you?

It was the right choice because it was a very interesting course with a small number of people in my year, this made the learning experience more enjoyable working together in a tight nit group and because of the small number lectures were more intimate and far more rewarding. The subjects ranged greatly and there was a lot of 'hands on' experience throughout my three years which really suits me as I am a kinesthetic learner and benefit greatly from the 'hands on' approach. The course also weighted on continuous assessment rather than end of year exams which I find to be the best way of completing course work and the fairest to students in reaching their full potential.

How many hours of organised classes do you have per week? (labs,tutorials,lectures,etc)


Are your lectures/labs mainly based on or off the main campus?


If off campus, does this affect you and how?

All lectures were based in the Cluain Mhuire campus of GMIT bar a few language lectures that were located on the main campus. The Cluain Mhuire campus of GMIT is very accessible and is extremely capable of catering to its students needs however there were some disadvantages of not been located on the main campus, such as little or no involvement with the student council, isolation from events taking place during charity weeks and student clubs and socs.

Is your course weighted more on

Continuous assessment

Is there an option to study abroad on your course?


What are your favourite aspects of your course?

My favorite aspects of my course were the 'hands on' and technical subjects such as editing, cinematography, production design and photography. They were the most enjoyable and fulfilling subjects throughout the course.

What are your least favourite aspects of your course?

Least favorite included film theory and script writing, in my opinion these were very demanding subjects that weighed heavy on paperwork and demanded a lot of time at a desk!

Was your course what you expected?


What do you wish you had known before choosing this course?

I don't feel I was ill prepared for this course, I had thought a lot about doing this course and as it's interview based you really have to fight for your place within the limited numbers available! I find the best way of learning to to be thrown in the deep in and by learning by making mistakes.


While the library at Cluain Mhuire's facilities are very good there it was only open for business hours 9-5 mon-fri, which was annoying at times, there is also lack of computers in the library.

Is there a good social life on your course?


Please describe

As there was limited places in the course you really get to know your classmates and become close. Throughout the three years of the course you have to fund raise for several different events which requires some effort and a lot of socialising!!

Rate your course in terms of difficulty


Please rate your course in terms of workload

More than other courses

Are you an active member of any societies?


Are you a member of any sports clubs?


Would you recommend getting involved in college sport?

Not for me

How much do you spend on living every week (going out, food, transport etc.), excluding rent and bills?


Do you or have you lived away from home during college?


How much does your rent cost per month?


As a first year did you live in college halls?


Would you recommend living in college halls?

It would be a good way to get to know other students but the campus accommodation can be very immature.

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