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Social Studies - Applied at Castlebar

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Year of Study 3rd
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One of the biggest wastes of time and money that one could put themselves through, there are about 3 lecturers worth their salt and out from that you can forget it. as an applied social studies student you can look forward to being part of the unwanted and ignored course under the wing of the nursing department. the course heads will be full of big talk about group work and dealing with real life situations and will fill you full of the same drivel and empty promises all the way through your course but it will never come to pass, as a student that worked in two high dependency units i can say that nothing that i learned in castlebar was of any use to me and that i had to rely on my own cop on to get me through the day rather than the nonsense they filled me with in class. this course seems to be more concerned with being more P.C. than any one else instead of getting down to the important and useful elements of social care, with the only truely useful parts of the course being the Law modules (partly because it is taught by the best lecturer in the college) and a 2 hour manual handling course in second year, one final problem i have with this course is the fact that it is so disorganized with them trying tho shoe horn in a 13 week syllabus into 6 weeks due to bad planning, this has happened 2 years running with no apologies to the students. over all a terrible course in a crappy college who's only redeeming features is really nice canteen staff and a really good SU

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Law, sociology, psychology, philosophy, (but only some of these had a lecturer that was of any help, more of them required the class to teach themselves)

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the bureaucratic nonsense one must go through with the college on a day to day bases.
the fact that they are so caught up in being the politically correct police rather than teach us what we need to know as well as allow independent thought

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nothing springs to mind... for some reason you have to do statistics for half of first year so i guess pay attention to that in leaving cert

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same old same old ... lets all go get locked and hang out in the local night club listening to some idiot "cool kid" from the college who calls himself a Dj or plays coronas songs on the guitar and is in love with himself

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Archery kept me sane in college and there is a pretty good IV league really good club and it has updated all its gear on a regular basis

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only way to make friends in college is join a club or society

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nephen halls

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