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Year of Study 3rd
Student Type Traditional
From Meath Ireland
Social Life

Why did you choose your course?

I was working previously in an Events Job and knew with a degree I could go so much further, not a lot of colleges back in 2009 were offering such a course, so when I was offered a place at IT Sligo, I snapped up the opportunity.

Are you happy with your choice of course?


On reflection, what made it the right or wrong choice for you?

The course content is just completely wrong. It is not until 3rd year of the course that you actually get to do anything to do with the course title.

How many hours of organised classes do you have per week? (labs,tutorials,lectures,etc)


Are your lectures/labs mainly based on or off the main campus?


Is your course weighted more on

End of year exams

Is there an option to study abroad on your course?


What are your favourite aspects of your course?

I found the economics (micro and macro) which we studied in second year to be interesting as you actually learn why Ireland is the way it is at the moment. Other aspects would be some great lecturers that actually learn your name and will help you with anything. There are also options to do continuous assesment for some subjects and you can have a good 20% in an exam before you even do it. But thats about it, I should be blabbing on about how much I am learning with the amazing subjects but no.....

What are your least favourite aspects of your course?

The subject choice and the way the course is run in general. I'm specialising in Events & PR, you would think this means in second year you would get to organise at least one event. No. For some strange reason, the General Marketing course who have nothing to do with events, had a subject in semester 2 called Non for Profit which they had to organise an event from start to finish and donate proceeds to charity, why we were not given this task still boggles the mind. Also there is no work experience in this course at all. Make sure if you are considering this course that you have something going on outside of college work wise, why if I got my degree in this would I be given a job? All we have done is sat in a class room for 3 years( until you have to organise the big event for 3rd year, but that is just one event,compare this to doing a semesters worth of experience in another college...). other institutes offering this course put you on work experience in 2nd or 3rd year with Galway even offering to find the place for you to work. Subject choice for the course for 1st &2nd year is unbelievably poor and at times you wonder why you're even doing the course EG the course is general business in 1st year so if at end of 1st year you can decide to switch to a different business degree which is fair enough but in second year there was 2 subjects per semester that had something to do with the course title but even in those you don't learn much as you already know the information. You will have so many days where you just wonder why you're there to begin with, its not just me, our class had a group discussion and we all agreed that the only reason we are staying in the course is that we have 2 years done, we may as well finish it, no one commented about how the course will help them get a good job, or how much they've learned in the subjects. All I can say is wait it out until you get to 3rd year for the more creative aspect to the course, 1st year will put many students off the course, do your best to pass the exams, Law & Economics are what can make your class number half by the time you get to 3rd year. Also in 1st year you will be told if you pick Spanish as an elective and do it for 1st & 2nd year that you can do 3rd year of the course in Spain, this is only true for Marketing with languages, INTL Marketing etc but not for marketing - Events & PR, it would require you to switch over to another course before 2nd year if you want to do Erasmus for 3rd year. It is a very frustrating experience but the people you meet and the night life just about make up for it. It just seems that they were unsure about what to put in this course.

Was your course what you expected?


What do you wish you had known before choosing this course?

That it is not very creative as it is marketed this way for potential students. That I would have been better off going to Galway in the beginning or the UK to do the course as it is much more practical in that they actually require you to do work experience for a semester and the subjects are much more tuned to what is required from you when you leave college and go into the work force.


Newly renovated and opened in October 2010. It is now 3 stories high with private rooms available to book with flat screens and projectors for helping you to practice your presentations, some even have touch screens on the wall for presentations, state of the art equipment. There are many lounge areas on the bottom floor for chilling out and top floor for quiet study areas with the middle floor providing computers , more private rooms and quiet areas. My only problem is the severe lack of computers there, you would be much better off just bringing your laptop to college if ever you needed it as you will be queing all day to get one. Also if you are on the bottom floor, you can see the bathrooms through the door, but the door is locked, you will need to go back up the whole way around , scan out of the library, downstairs to use the bathrooms, it could take a few seconds to go if you unlock the door but no.

Is there a good social life on your course?


Please describe

Local nightclubs are constantly looking for promo team and staff, its a great opportunity with a wide range of events going on weekly for students to get involved with, possibly the cheapest prices in the country for alcohol.

Rate your course in terms of difficulty


Please rate your course in terms of workload

Less than other courses

Are you an active member of any societies?


Are you a member of any sports clubs?


Are your training facilities easily accessible?


If no, why not?

I'm not in any sports society or play for the team but use it for my own personal fitness, the gym and running track are 2 minutes from the main entrance of the college with flood lights for night time running.

Are your training facilities at a good standard?


How much do you spend on living every week (going out, food, transport etc.), excluding rent and bills?


Do you or have you lived away from home during college?


How much does your rent cost per month?


As a first year did you live in college halls?


Would you recommend living in college halls?

OHH GOD NO, good way to meet people, but will ruin you financially and can be very frustrating.

If yes, where and why?

Rents when broken down work out at 85-100 pw in all these Student Halls and are NOT worth it. Great for making friends, no other advanatges really..read below:
In Sem 1 of 1st year i lived at Milligan Place, the website showed the picture of the building and bedrooms and it looked amazing, broadband very fast, waste services hassle free , washing services easy! I booked over the phone in August and moved there in Sept. What they forget to show you in the picture is a public car park across from it which has now been taken over by settled travellers.i lived on the front row of houses facing the road. I can say I did not get a good nights sleep ONCE from Sept to Dec, if the Travellers dog isn't barking at full volume all night , it will be their children screaming, them having parties, them burning rubbish, them just being loud in general, there is nothing you can do about it. Also it is based on a very long stretch of a steep hill, boy racers race up this at all hours and beep their horn at the travellers in the car park passing but this will wake you up immediately. It is so loud it is as if they are in your room thats how close to the road you are. Our apartment also had mice, which obviously is not good :/
Also to top it off, if neighbours above or beside you make noise you WILL HEAR IT, the worst being my apt number 4, the apt above mine, I could hear them using the bathroom always , not lovely! Also there are only 8 FREE spaces outside the front row of apts, which are ALWAYS taken by locals so they don't have to pay for parking, this mean you will have to pay EVERY SINGLE DAY to live there, ontop of your rent, its 2.50 a day,seems small but if you are on a budget like all students, this freakin adds up !
Also this won't happen to you but it shows the poor management in the building,
my car was parked outside my apt, a drunk driver was trying to drift up the hill and crashed straight into my car and floored it off, he was never caught, my car was written off, I had just had enough of this dump at Xmas 09 and moved out, I had signed a contract saying I was gonna stay until May 2010, even though I had valid reasons for not wanting to move back in, the car, the stress ,not sleeping etc they still refused to give me my 700 euro deposit back, now most would have said are u mad, stay its 700 euro, but I need my damn sleep! Only good thing about these apartments is that they are close to college and all nightlife and shopping.
For Semester 2 I moved into Gateway beside the College as I just wanted to be closer to the college as I did not have a car this time. Location is great, with a shop across the road, your neighbours will become your best mates and session buddys! Walls are paper thin so god help you if you are not on the top floor as the apt above you will always wake you up with girls stamping high heels,talking,radios playing or even hearing them go to the bathroom :/ If you want to play music yourself, if its turned up the manager will be in to give you his speech about throwing you out. So just have your drinks and get into town for some music is all i can say really. broadband service here is so unbelievably poor and cuts out at the worst times possibly like the week before exams etc. don't bother e-mailing the reception complaining, the response will be 'don't dare talk to me in that tone, we are aware you have exams bla bla bla'' its pathetic. Rent here again unbelievably over prices and the furniture in the sitting room is horrible patio furniture not couches or seats. You do have decent channels to watch tv on though with waste services being hassle free and parking included in your rent. I will say to turn off those damn storage 'energy efficient heaters' as we kept getting letters through the door saying us students were using a high level of electricity for some reason this year and they could not explain why.....so on top of high rents you have a massive elec bill to pay. not good.
Just Avoid these places in general unless you know absolutely no one when moving there and want to make friends easily.

How would you recommend this college to a friend?

IT Sligo has some promise with a modern library with state of the art equipment, my course turned out to be crappy but that doesn't mean others are not, I have friends in other courses who love what they're doing. You have an amazing nightlife with Rag Week genuinely being the best in the country,such great value for nights out with local nightclubs booking international djs and acts to perform.You have a beautiful beach 10 minutes away with amazing waves for surfing and a calmer one for kayaking. Cafeteria offers no value what so ever with the level of food being poor. Lecturer's especially in the Business & Humanities dept, the majority of them are decent with a handful being amazing people who will help you with whatever you need and are always so friendly. The people you will meet & the memories made will make up for things you find wrong with the college and course.

Access to Sligo is poor if you are not coming from galway or Donegal etc If you are coming from the South it can be a 4-5 hour drive, from dublin the train is 2 and a half hours. I came from the south east so used to fly ti Galway in 25 minutes for 30 euro each way and then its only a 1 and a half hour trip to Sligo with a friend from there versus a 4-5 hour drive that costs the same in petrol!
GET IN EARLY IN THE MORNING FOR A PARKING SPACE or you will have a long walk ahead of you :)

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