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Psychiatric Nursing

Date of Review May 2011 Go Back
Year of Study 2nd
Student Type Traditional
From Kildare
Social Life

Why did you choose to study this course?

It was my second choice and I failed to get my first

Are you happy with your choice of course?


On reflection, what made it the right or wrong choice for you?

Definitely the right choice....delighted I missed out on my first choice as this option was way more suited to me.

How many hours of organised classes do you have per week?


Are your lectures/labs mainly based on or off the main campus?


Is your course weighted more on continuous assessment or end of year exams?

End of year exams

Is there an option to study abroad on your course?


What are your favourite aspects of your course?

The variety of clinical placements we get to experience.

What are your least favourite aspects of your course?

The lectures that are directed more to general nursing students over psychiatric nursing students

Was your course what you expected?



It’s spacious, quiet most of the time and has a great variety of books for my course.

Is there a good social life on your course?


Rate your course in terms of difficulty

Extremely Difficult

Please rate your course in terms of workload

More than other courses

Are you an active member of any societies?

I would play on one of the sports teams.

If yes, please name the societies


Are you a member of any sports clubs?

Go straight into your first few lectures and talk to people and get to know them! Join the societies and if you play a sport join up with the team. You'll soon get to know people.

If yes, please name the sports clubs?


How would you recommend this college to a friend?


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